Departure of SA Breweries and thereafter

In 1955 S A B and Ohlssens Brewery joined forces and moved to Newlands, which had its own spring water.

S.A. Metal acquired the building and proceeded to recover vast amounts of scrap metal, copper boilers, storage vats, brass and copper fittings, steam pipes, etc.

I & J Ocean Fresh / Garden Fresh acquired the building from S.A. Metal and proceeded to convert the entire structure into huge freezer rooms as cold storage for their products.   Windows were bricked up and walls, floors and roofs were insulated with 250 mm thick cork.



In 1982 Mr Max Arlen acquired the building from Julius Cohen, of Julius Cohen Construction, one of the largest construction companies in South Africa, who had owned the property since I & J had vacated it.


The property had stood vacant for ±8 years during which time its condition deteriorated considerably.  This was after the severe impact of turning the building into a freezer.  A number of roofs had collapsed and pigeons had formed nests in the lofts, etc.





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