Change of ownership 2000

During 2000 Max Arlen sold the building to The Hoog Eind Family Trust. The Trustees representing the owners have the same passion as Willem Otten in keeping ‘The Castle’ alive and restored. A decision was taken to sectionalize the building and to give long-standing tenants the opportunity to be part of this impressive and historic building.


The Trustees objectives in relation to the Old Castle Brewery were:

  • To retain a substantial number of Units as a long term Property Investment Holding
  • To offer for purchase to interested Tenants their Units with a view to obtain a solid share in the ownership of the Building by persons who have assisted in making and who will continue to ensure that the Old Castle Brewery remains a great working environment
  • To ensure that the Building is properly and professionally managed, maintained and improved.

The Sectional Title was registered on 8th May 2003 with seven new owners now being part of the history of our building.


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